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SIGNAL BOOST: Syracuse University To Close Advocacy Center For Sexual Assault Victims

Via a (deliberate or negligent) misinterpreting of Title IX, new Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud will be closing the Advocacy Center for survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

Particularly enraging is that this decision was made undemocratically, without consulting the Syracuse University community, at a time when no students are on campus, ONE WEEK BEFORE ITS CLOSING!

One recent alum, Erin Carhart, launched a petition to persuade the Chancellor to PLEASE reconsider!

Please help us fight this DEVASTATING change by signing this CHANGE.ORG PETITION:

On May 30, 2014, the Syracuse University community received an email from our Chancellor stating the various changes that have been made or will be made in the coming days, months, and years. As part of his slated changes, The Advocacy Center (formerly known as The R.A.P.E. Center), which provides sexual assault resources and support to college students, was announced to be closed June 4th, 2014. The services of the AC will be redirected as part of the Counseling Center at SU.

However, as sexual assault awareness advocates, we know this does not work. We know that placing these services under an umbrella of mental health services does not work. We know that consolidating these services within a larger pool of health services does not work. We know that making excuses of confidentiality clauses and employee responsibilities does not work. We know that mandating reporting of sexual assaults does not work. We know that forcing survivors to go through channel after channel to receive services does not work. 

Butwe know what does work. We know that The Advocacy Center at SU provided a safer space for students to come forward with their experiences and heal. We know the AC provided education and volunteer work for students seeking to better their community. We know the AC was there for any student that needed themWe know the AC worked. Help us #BringBacktheAC by signing this petition to show SU that students know what works! 

Links to a Daily Orange article, a Buzzfeed article, and the petition.

Read the comments below the petition and it will become undeniably clear how IMPORTANT and LIFE-SAVING the Advocacy Center is.

I would be eternally grateful if you could please sign and share however you can.


Thank you,



Hey guys, I wouldn’t normally do this, but this is something that is really important to me.

I am a student at Syracuse University. Our new Chancellor has decided to close our Advocacy Center. This center is a safe place for victims of sexual assault to go. There are many resources there that…

signal boost. please sign this petition!!!

SIGNAL BOOST: Please sign & share this petition to help student survivors of assault and abuse at my school!

Hi y’all,

I’m barely on tumblr anymore, so you can tell this is important to me…

In the wake of all the reports of colleges’ systematic mishandlings and denials of sexual assaults on campus, I am appalled that my own alma mater is closing The Advocacy Center (formerly the R.A.P.E. Center), the one safe haven available for student survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The Advocacy Center was dedicated to providing confidential and compassionate counseling and services for survivors.

The Advocacy Center was also a leader on campus for championing LGBTQ awareness and rights, and spreading awareness of societal issues, including sexism, racism, and transantagonism. They offered educational services, and classes on becoming Empowered Bystanders. I took their class, and actually used the skills I learned there to diffuse two potentially violent situations.

If you could take the time to sign this petition, I would be very grateful. I know Syracuse University is not near-and-dear to many of you, but the Advocacy Center is so important to the student survivors there, and it would be more than a shame to see it go. I am so disgusted with my school right now…

Please sign, reblog, or share however you can. I, and many current, former, and future students at SU, would be too grateful for words. Just read the comments on the petition, and you will know how much the Advocacy Center helped people in their times of need.

Thank you,



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